Wednesday, June 27, 2012

City Chase 2012

After a year off, AJ and I partnered together again for City Chase in Toronto. Kai spent the day with the Martins and we got up bright and early for 8am check-in at Metro Hall.

We knew the drill so we wandered around and gathered our swag and then waited through the warm-up and announcements which seemed to take forever.

Finally 10am came and we were told to check Facebook which had a riddle that sent us to the TD Centre at Bay & King. Once we had a hold of the clue sheet, we sat down to plot them out on a map and plan our strategy.

And then we were off. The hope was to get more than AJ and Sandra's 18 Chase Points from last year.

Chase Point #1

Our first stop was at a firefighter training station. We could choose to go left and unwind a hose and spray a target or go right and do something unknown. Since AJ and Sandra did the hose one last year, we opted to go right. We ended up in kind of a FireFit challenge. We had to carry a hose up 5 stories, then put on blackout masks that simulated seeing through smoke and find a baby in a concrete room. I had imagined they were going to fill up the room with smoke or have a little fire somewhere, but it was nothing like that. Just a room with a baby on a couch. We ran back down the stairs and had to drag and dummy back and forth and then hit a bar with a mallet until it crossed a line. And Chase Point #1 was complete.

They shot an episode of Flashpoint here!

Chase Point #2
Next we took a fairly long walk to a part that had two Chase Points. For the first one, we put on plastic bags and slid down this giant slip 'n slide. Then we had to get 15 points on LadderBall and we were done.

Chase Point #3
In the same park we had to play a little Aussie Rules futbol that included bouncing the ball past a line then kicking and catching 3 passes. Finally, we had to hit the ball through a hole and the point was ours.

Chase Point #4
Frisbee golf! Throw the frisbee around the park and hit 9 marked trees.

Chase Point #5
Next stop was a spa and I definitely could have used a foot rub at this point, but instead we had to roll a dice that determined what we had to have waxed. I volunteered to do whatever it was, which ended up being lower leg, so it was no problem.

Chase Point #6
We went to our first of three Goodlife Fitness locations, had to jump in the pool and find 4 pucks and 5 photos and use them to complete a math problem. The idea was ok, but there ended up being just enough photos and pucks for one team at a time, but they let all the teams in the pool so it was kind of a mess. But we got the point. (no photos, sorry)

Chase Point #7
We headed to the Hard Rock Cafe and had to participate in a rap battle. We chose three pieces of paper and had to incorporate those words in our rap. We chose Hulk, race, and heartless. This was a great challenge for me - I love writing parodies. I chose to write it to the tune of the Fresh Prince theme song. You can check out the lyrics below.

There didn't end up being another team ready at the same time, so we didn't have to battle, but we performed as though we did and we killed it. Obviously. Chase Point complete.

Chase Point #8
After heading to the Goodlife Fitness at Union Station and deciding not to stay for the long and tough TRX workout, we went down to the Peter Street Slip and participated in a Survivor favourite. We got hooked to a rope and had to duck and weave through a series of ropes to get to the end.

Chase Point #9
I think this one was kind of fun. We were in two kayaks tied together. AJ was blindfolded in the front with a paddle and I had to navigate him around a buoy and back to the start.

Chase Point #10
Another Goodlife Fitness stop (can you tell they were a main sponsor?). Into the squash courts and we had to get 20 consecutive hits. We got it on the second attempt.

6 hours of racing and we made it to the end with about 15 minutes to spare. We got 10 Chase Points, so we finished and got 304th place. Not exactly our goal of more than 18 points, but I'm glad we finished. We both agreed that the challenges we not as hard or fun as the last two years. Maybe we just managed to miss all the fun ones. Not sure if we'll do it again next year or not. Maybe we'll take a year off and AJ will do the Spartan Race or something. I still had fun and I'm always happy to have AJ as my partner.


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