Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Year's Project #1

Now that I'm back to work full time, with a husband and baby to come home to, and some freelance work when I can get it, I feel like I don't take a lot of time to do things just for me, whether it's reading, crafting, shopping or baking. So, at New Year's, I resolved to do at least one non-food Pinterest project a month. I hope it will force me to re-charge a bit and do something just for me.

Despite the fact that I'm posting this in February, I did complete my first project in January, it just didn't make it on the wall until now.


From Lizzy Lancaster on Pinterest


I couldn't find letters quite this size, but I found the biggest ones I could at Michael's in a font I liked (I have since found some pretty nice ones at Walmart) along with a little wooden heart. I painted the heart red and touched up the black letters where there were scuff marks. Glue them together, add some photo frame rings to the back and that's it. I also added a little photo holder I've been holding onto for a while to fill up the wall. I'm really happy with how it turned out.


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