Wednesday, January 13, 2016

40 by 40 - Binge watch a TV show

So it's been a bit of a hiatus on this blog as we've been busy figuring out how life works with two kids. But it's been great. Dallas is now sleeping through the night and is such a happy, easygoing kid. Kyler has started school and absolutely loves it, plus that gives me plenty of one-on-one time with Dallas during the day. Which brings me to my next 40 by 40 list completion.

Dallas is generally a pretty good sleeper and still takes two 2 hours naps during the day leaving me lots of time to clean and learn a new language, but who am I kidding? I've done a few projects here and there, I shower most days, I go to mom's groups once in a while and I thoroughly enjoy my Netflix subscription.

I have watched a number of shows over the past few months, but the biggest binge watch has definitely been Grey's Anatomy.

I wasn't sure about it at first - I had never watched an episode in the 11 seasons it's been on so far. Seemed a little too soap opera for me. But enough people recommended it that I figured I'd give it a shot.

And it is kind of a soap opera. But it's very well done and I got hooked pretty quickly. And I am proud (or maybe embarrassed) to say that I have now caught up to the 12th season on live TV.

I am currently rewatching The Office series since Netflix has added it and remembering why it's one of my favourite shows ever. It's so smart and hilarious, especially the cold opens.

So another thing off my list. I've highlighted a few others that I hope to accomplish this year as well. Then I start to get down to the more expensive/difficult ones but also some really fun ones. And I will try to post more often than every 5 months.


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