Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Couldn't Pay Me Enough

I'm borrowing this genius post idea from Bryan Allain, a very funny blogger and fellow LOST enthusiast. You can read his original post here.

I would consider myself to be a fairly adventurous person. I get bored of monotony and like to try new things. But there are definitely some things I'm not too keen on trying. But, like anyone, I have my price...

Eat a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
This probably sounds like something any sane person would do for free, even pay to do, but not this sandwich hater. Despite the often delicious smells, I am fairly terrified wary of sandwiches. And this is a big sloppy one. AJ says I'll eat one by our fifth anniversary. We'll see.
My price: $400

Bungee Jump
This one used to be high on my list. Despite having been skydiving, I am quite wary terrified of the idea of plummeting toward the ground with no slowing down and hoping that they weighted the rope just right so I don't smash my head one. Now, it kind of excites me. And terrifies me. A little.
My price: The cost of the jump and a serious pep talk

Let A Spider Crawl On Me
Just, ew. I do not have arachnophobia, but I also have no desire to let a little hair creepy crawler spend time anywhere on my body without it being hastily removed and smashed to bits.
My price: $100 (and only because it might be happening during City Chase in a couple weeks and I'm trying to mentally prepare)

Wear Heels Every Day
I'm tall. Really tall for a girl. When I wear heels I tower over pretty much everyone. Worse than that, heels are not comfortable, I don't care what girls tell you. I would desperately miss my flats, along with my blister-free feet if this became necessary. But it would mean some fun shoe shopping...
My price: $2000

Give Away My Dog
I love my little dog. She is super smart and very happy and she is a diligent worker at her job. Her job being greeting us with enthusiasm, loving us and cuddling upon request. I can't imagine her not being a part of our family.
My price: $1,000,000,000 (also known as never)

Let A Fish Suck On My Toes
Apparently this is a real thing. Like you can go to a spa and having it done to relax/cleanse you. Why, oh why would anyone do that? I'm afraid of fish just touching me when I go swimming, never mind asking them to hitch their little fishy lips on my feet. *shudder*

My price: $100,000 (and not a penny less, but possibly a lot of pennies more)


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