Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Power of Branding

I work in Advertising, so I really notice ads and branding and pay special attention to the way companies are doing things. More so than the average consumer I would say. I think this has altered my perspective in two ways.

First, bad advertising really turns me off. Even if it's a good product, if the advertising isn't up to par, I notice and remember and it will take awhile to win me back. I know this is true of many consumers, but I think I am even more critical and more expectant of fine advertising because I know where it comes from.

Second, and opposite, great advertising really hits the mark. A genius ad, or copy line or brand change will really stick with me and impresses me. I know that the advertising creatives really have nothing to do with the product, but they've done their job and I remember.

What has brought all this on? I was walking through Zhers the other day and notices a few items with the President's choice branding. I don't know if you've noticed, but they've re-branded from the photo-heavy packaging they once had. Their new packaging is clean and fresh and they've actually got some delicious new items.

What I noticed as I was seeing more of these packages around the store is that they've got me. Somehow, I've developed a loyalty to their brand without even realizing it. When I see an item in that packaging, I automatically assume it's a quality product. I considered the old branding to be discount, inferior versions of brand-name products. But somehow, they've won me over and I would actually choose PC over a name brand.

I might just be me, but I find that realization just fascinating.


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