Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 Inside Jokes

It's natural as you get to know people well to develop inside jokes. It happens even more when you live with people. To honour the inside joke (which is always amusing, at least for someone on the inside), here is my list of 10 inside jokes, 5 from growing up and 5 that have developed in my marriage.

Growing up:

1) Twist that beak–we've got a plethora of dog-related inside jokes including parodies of popular songs. This one is simply grabbing the dog by the nose and twisting. Not hard of course, but it sort of became a thing. Pretty sure both our dogs loved it.

2) Who's kidding who?–we had a few shows that we would always watch as a family, usually on Sunday nights with a box of pizza, one of those being The Practice. They said this line constantly on the show and it became a joke in our family.

3) The pink basket–if we ever couldn't find anything, the response was always to check the pink basket. This was basically our equivalent to the junk drawer. That basket had everything from paper clips to money to phone numbers.

4) What's in the fridge?–I guess this was sort of a spin-off from Cribs since they always look in the fridge. But it more stemmed from the fact that we feel you can tell a lot about people (especially bands, we go to a lot of concerts) by what's in their fridge.

5) Those dumb babies–this sounds awful, but it's not that bad. The line comes from the show Rugrats and we used it to refer to kids who were being either bratty or sickeningly adorable. And you have to say it in a baby voice.  It's funny to us anyway.

Since being married:

1) One-trip Martins–we used to live in a condo, 10 floors up. I hated having to go back downstairs for a second trip of groceries, etc. so I instated the one-trip Martins rule. If you call "one-trip Martins", we have to get everything up in one trip. I think my husband thinks this is ridiculous, but he'll usually play along.

2) The milk bag hole–I really don't know where the rest of the world stands on this, but apparently I cut ginormous holes in the milk bags. I think AJ cuts pinpricks of holes and therefore it takes about 10 minutes to fill up a bowl of cereal. Not sure who is right, but it's a big joke when there's a new bag and the other person discovers the gaping or miniscule hole.

3) The language I was blasting–this is (sort of) from the song Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K. AJ was singing this song out and came out with this line for which I will probably always make fun of him. The line is supposed to be "Think I got a tan from the light in which I was basking." Close honey.

4) Philly beef sandwich–I don't eat sandwiches. Don't judge. I just don't like the taste of meat and bread together and I can't explain why. AJ is a lover of sandwiches and therefore has made it his quest to have me eat a Philly Beef Sandwich by our 5th anniversary. 1.5 years to go and I would say I'm not much closer to doing it than when we got married.

5) Sa oled ahv–Estonian for "you're a monkey." A random phrase I asked to be taught while learning Estonian. And now, my permanent comeback that can end any disagreement. Sort of.

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