Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Everyday Things I'm Really Bad At

So List-It Wednesdays haven't been working out so well for me, so I'm moving to Random List day. And today's the day.

At the risk of sounding cocky, I think I'm pretty good at most things I try. I don't know if it's my competitive nature or the fact that I follow instructions to a tee without any improvisation (at least the first time I try something), but things often work for me. This is also why I get super frustrated when I'm not good at things. And this definitely happens. In fact, there are some everyday things that many people can do without working hard that I'm just no good at.

1. Sewing
Okay, so I haven't really tried all that hard to learn, but when I have tried, it's been terrible. I just can't seem to do it without being obvious that I've tried to fixed something. Usually, I'll try to be all careful, but end up just wrapping the thread around and around until the button's pretty much in a straight jacket. Fail.

2. Keeping the clutter at bay
I'm really good at organizing and tidying up the pile of stuff that inevitably finds its way onto my dresser/desk/table, but putting the stuff away before it becomes a pile? Not so much.

3. Getting up on time
I'm ashamed to say it, but I set at least 3 alarms every morning. Usually 4. 1-2 on my actual alarm clock and then several more on my cell phone. I just can't drag myself out of bed in the morning, my body always demands 5 more minutes. I've heard that people whose moms used to always wake them up for school, etc. tend to have this problem, but I don't blame my mom, I just need to get out of bed the first time and wean myself off all those alarms. I'm jealous that AJ can just hop right out of bed after half a second of alarm.

4. Plan-ahead meals
I know that if I just planned out my meals in advance, I would not only eat healthier, but I would probably save on groceries and feel more excited about meals. But I don't. Half the time, I just head home and find whatever's available, which usually isn't very well-rounded. Sometimes I go to the grocery store first, but I just hate going there every day.

5. Directions
I am absolutely hopeless with any kind of inner sense of direction. I need to go somewhere about 4 times before I remember how to get there. And I can only remember that one route to get there. I can go into a mall store, walk out and then be confused as to which way I was going. This is why I will always park directly in front of the door everywhere I go, even if it means having to walk 10 minutes to the door.

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  1. Number 5 is pretty funny. I think in terms of North, South, East, West. Barrie is quite confusing, as you travel North on the 400 to Barrie, then the 400 turns East, almost as far as Hawestone, then North to Orillia. It messes up my sense of direction until I looked on Mapquest.