Friday, April 9, 2010

30 by 30 #18 - See Grease the Musical

Strike off another item on my 30 by 30 list!

About a week ago I got an e-mail from Mirvish's mailing list with a special April Fool's day offer. Buy one ticket to any of their musicals and get the second for $1. Being the thrifster that I am and remembering that I so wanted to see Grease play in Toronto while it's on a two-week run, I decided to go ahead and buy two tickets and then worry about finding a date.

No sooner did I mention the idea to my cubicle mate, a Grease lightning dance broke out and I knew I had found the right person. It took us about 2 hours to get our tickets with the phone and website lines totally jammed, but we got some and prepared to go.

The thing about this run of the musical Grease is that it features Taylor Hicks. The radio ads, the posters. Taylor everywhere. And he's not even playing Danny. Or any of the guys. He plays Teen Angel in the dream sequence, a part of the story I think could be cut out without much loss.

When his part came, Taylor descended from a giant ice cream cone wearing a VERY bedazzled suit and sang his little song to Frenchie. It was just okay. I actually thought that most of the other singers were better than he was. Taylor Hicks on Idol was pretty cheesy, putting him in a musical just made his over-the-top. He sang again at the end when they did a medley of songs and then, after it was all over, standing ovation completed, the host comes out and announces that Taylor will be performing his latest hit single. A concert?? After we've already sat for 2 hours. Michelle and I left before he finished the first bar.

Oh, even better than the cheesy, average singing–they were selling Taylor Hicks CDs alongside the Grease ones and you could meet Taylor after the show. But he would only autograph his own CD. If you didn't buy it, you couldn't meet him. That blew my mind. I'm wondering if that was a stipulation by the venue or if Taylor just thinks that much of himself. Hard to say.

Anyway, aside from Mr. Hicks and a couple strange plot changes, Grease was excellent! I love all of the costumes and sets and the fact that the actors don't get do-overs. It's a good atmosphere.

Next play–perhaps Christopher Plummer in The Tempest this summer?


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