Thursday, April 15, 2010

30 by 30 #19 - Take Kickboxing

Knocking off items on my 30 by 30 list continues...

I have no idea why kickboxing has interested me for quite a few years. Basically since I realized I had gained some marriage weight and was looking for ways to get it off, kickboxing just automatically jumped to my mind. Get out some aggression, have a fun cardio workout. It sounded good.

I've done a cardio kick class at Goodlife and I have a Biggest Loser workout DVD, but it's just not quite the same. I'm not looking to compete or anything, I just wanted a class to motivate me to work harder and longer and something that wouldn't roundhouse kick my bank account.

When I told my parents about this idea, they generously offered to pay for my class so I Googled kickboxing in my area. I found one place that is on my way home from work and has classes 3 times a week at 5:30. Since I live out of town, I wanted something I could do right after work and not have to go home and come back in. Seemed perfect.

I e-mailed the trainer (sensei?) and asked if I could come for a free session to check it out. The building is in a strip mall/warehouse kind of place and the actual gym is fairly small, but so are the class sizes (after 3 classes, there haven't been more than 5 per class), which I think is great. The trainer was incredibly helpful, especially that first class, showing me how to do the moves properly and lending me some sparring gloves. By the end I was red-faced and dripping sweat and I knew this class would be good for me.

So, now I've joined the class, at least until the end of the month (probably through May as well) and I'm going 3 times a week after work. The types of moves are switched up every class, sometimes using weights or punching bags or just our own weight. It's been really great so far and I'm looking forward to seeing some good results. And being a little less sore every time.


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