Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 by 30 #21–Go white water rafting

Check another one–a fun one!–off the list. My husband gave away a trip to go white water rafting on his radio show and I got the chance to go with him and "chaperone." The winners were all over 18 so it really wasn't chaperoning. More of a fun trip really.

We went to Horizon X in Ile du grand calumet in Quebec. I have technically been white water rafting one other time, in B.C., but it was on one of those huge rafts for about 20 people and all you have to do is hold on. That is exactly what we weren't looking for on this trip, which is why we picked Horizon X. It's more of a cottage atmosphere, with incredibly friendly staff and small, 6-7 person boats where we had to do lots of paddling.

It was a little scary, but mostly an adventure. The guides were very knowledgeable and talented and made the whole experience, including the 8am bus ride, tons of fun. The rapids were pretty intense, but it was part of their jobs for the guides to make it even more intense and cause the raft to purposefully flip. This was fine until one time I fell out and came back up under the boat. I took in a lot of water on that one and was pretty hesitant to fall out of the boat after that. But I pushed that back and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

Back at camp we were able to play some volleyball, enjoy some relaxing time in the hammock and canoe a little. The second day we opted for bodyboarding. The same rapids, minus the boat, just your body and a board. I tried a couple rapids, but stayed in the boat for the most part with one of my friends who won the trip and enjoyed watching everyone else.

I had lots of fun and even more fun watching AJ have such a great time. I'd try it again for sure!


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