Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 by 30 #6 - Play Ice Hockey

AJ plays a lot of hockey in the winter. He says to make up for his parents not putting him into hockey as a kid, but that's a long, sappy story I don't need to repeat.

But the hockey is really good for him. Physically because it's a great work out, and mentally because it lets him connect with friends and feel good about what otherwise might be lousy winter months.

I have a friend whose dad owns an arena so she is able to book free ice time every couple of weeks and invites a whole bunch of us to come and play. AJ played a number of times last year and I just watch. There are two other girls who play and they kept inviting me to join them as it's just for fun and apparently no one would care that I have no idea what I'm doing.

Finally, I decided I should.

I borrowed AJ's back-up equipment, chose matching colours as best I could and suited up by copying exactly what my friend put on, in the same order. I warned everyone how awful I would be, but they said it was fine.

And it was. For my first time on skates in 2 years and hockey knowledge derived from watching AJ play and a few games on TV, I think I did fairly well. I didn't fall over or freak out when the puck came near me. I didn't make many plays, but everyone was very kind to me and passed it my way when they could. The other team even backed off a little so I'd have a chance to pass it to my teammate.

Trying something new is a whole lot easier with friends who don't judge and are encouraging.

The verdict? I think I'll try again a few times this winter. Maybe buy some skates that aren't 20 years old. I think I could get better. Maybe even score a goal one day.

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  1. I couldn't picture you playing hockey until I saw the picture. But you do have photoshop so....