Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Un Anniversaire Incroyable!

This year, for our 4th anniversary, it was AJ's turn to plan our activity. AJ decided that he was going to do something big because his next "big" anniversary to plan isn't until our 10th. He told me to take Friday and Monday off work and we would go away.

Usually, I am very hard to surprise. Not because I sneak around looking for clues (despite what AJ believes), I'm just a really good guesser. But, impressively, AJ managed to keep our destination, and method of travel, a secret the whole time.

The actual day of our anniversary, I woke up to a gift. A fancy outfit I was told to include in my bag and a packing list. Point AJ. Loved it.

It wasn't until we reached Toronto City Airport and got our tickets that I found out we were jet setting to Quebec City!

We had an amazing 4 days - lots and LOTS of walking, enjoying the sights and the French food. It was like being transported across the ocean and we only had to take an hour and a half flight. And I got to practice my French which was a lot of fun!

The lounge at the Porter Airport - all Macs!

Free food while you wait for your flight.
Comfortable chairs and hip people.
Our amazing hotel room
A beautiful church and mural near our hotel
Walking fun our first night
One entrance into Vieux Quebec
The church and mural in daylight
The fountain in front of Parliament
Quebec even has an impressive train station
AJ guarding the wall of the old town
A cool view down the cobblestone street with
the Funicular (elevator) in the background
We went for a stroll through the Old Port Market.
So much delicious looking fresh food!
We took a Ghost Tour one of the nights - here's our guide
A beautiful view of the Chateau Frontenac from the top of the hill
The inside of just one of the gorgeous churches we walked through
A view of old town from the hill near the Citadel


  1. Now I've seen all the best pictures. What are you going to show me Thursday nite?

  2. Very cool, I like the one on the grass in front of the city.