Friday, October 15, 2010

I need to write more

I have this problem that I tend to get really excited about things and go crazy working on the project. If it's a short-term project, I work like crazy until it's finished and it's awesome. Long-term projects, however, I struggle with. My 30 by 30 (which I've done a lot with, but I've mostly done the easy ones so far), the blog, working out - I'm all about it for awhile and then...nothing.

So, a couple people suggested the other day that I just write on my blog several times a week, no matter what. There doesn't have to be a big special occasion or 30 by 30 entry. Just write something that I'm thinking about. Make it short. Just write.

Therefore, today's thought:

I love pomegranates. They are a lot of work to get at, but so delicious. The other day, I finally saw the return of the pomegranate in the grocery store. I was so excited! They were a bit small, but it's early in the season. I bought 2.

I went through the whole bit, put slits in it, submerge in water and pull apart. The seeds sink to the bottom and the other stuff floats to the top.

The seeds were a bit white, but that's okay. Until I tasted them. Not okay. Definitely not ripe. So disappointing.

Maybe I'll give them a couple more weeks.


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