Wednesday, February 17, 2010

List-it Wednesday!

If I haven't mentioned it before, I LOVE lists. I write to-do lists, grocery lists, don't do lists, gift lists...I pretty much write a list for anything I want to remember or am trying to sort out.

So I'm taking a page from The Secret Society of List Addicts (a great blog btw) and creating list-it Wednesdays.

5 Personal Bad Habits

Biting my nails: I've been doing it since I was young and I agree that it's gross and makes my nails look awful and isn't very ladylike, but I just can't stop. I mostly bite them when I'm stressed and I can go through spurts of being able to grow them for a special occasion or something, but once they get a little bit of white tips, I always end up banging them off something. Then I bite it to even it out and eventually I have to fix them all to match. It's terrible. And I would love to give it up. Help?

Boredom eating: I think this one is even worse than nail-biting. I work hard to eat well at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then I spend a night at home alone without anything particular to do and I get the munchies like crazy. If I can keep myself busy, I can curb this desire, but it sure takes a lot of work.

Putting back empty containers: Yes, AJ, it was me (like you were wondering!). I don't know why changing the milk bag bothers me so much, but if I can put that container back with more than a tablespoon in it, I will do it. This usually backfires on me because I'm the milk drinker so I'll wake up in the morning, go to grab some milk and find it pretty much empty. Then I curse my lazy night-before self.

Guessing presents: I love puzzles and games and guessing presents is like a game to me. A game where no one wins. Even if it's just something small or AJ saying "I have a surprise for you." I will usually guess what it is, sometimes without even meaning to and I am usually right. Then it's no fun for me because I'm not surprised and it's no fun for him because he can't surprise me. No idea how to break this habit short of hitting myself in the head with a hammer every time I think about trying to guess.

TV: This one goes back to some other posts. TV is just so easy. Click and you're in another world where you have no responsibilities or duties. You just sit there and enjoy. I don't usually veg when I have something important to do, but definitely when there are other things to do and I'm just being lazy. But I'm working on this one.

I'm sure I have a ton more, but I think that's enough talking about what's wrong with me for now.

What are your bad habits?


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