Monday, February 8, 2010

Update: Losing the lazies

And one final re-post to bring me up-to-date.

It’s been just over a week since my self-induced TV lockdown so it’s time for a status report.
Things have been going…ok. I have plans about 2-3 days of the week so those days are obviously much easier. It’s the nights that I’m all alone as of 5pm and have to fill 5 hours. TV is obviously the easiest thing.

I actually managed to pretty much follow my schedule and got quite a bit accomplished. Except for yesterday. Yesterday I had planned to make a dish for a potluck I’m attending tonight. I went to the grocery store right after work and got everything I needed. Got home, put everything away and got the stuff out I would need. And then realized I had forgotten a pretty important ingredient and had to go back to the store. That was fine though.

I got home and started chopping and blending etc., and it was just so quiet. So I decided to turn on the TV. My pathetic reasoning was that I was still being productive so flipping on the TV wasn’t against my initial reasoning. Technically true. Anyway, I did it and it was so much better. It ended up taking me almost 2 hours to make this stuff because it had to refrigerate for an hour before being cooked.

They turned out pretty well, tasting almost just like the Montana’s apps they were modeled after. I was pretty proud. And the TV thing–I can’t decide if I’m just such a loser for not even being able to make it two weeks, or if I don’t really care because I still accomplished what I wanted to.

One thing I do regret is that in all my non-TVing this week, I didn’t manage to get a workout in. Not one. Ugh. Ah well, I will pick myself up and start again next week.


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